Computer Cleaning Products

Welcome to our 'Computer Cleaning Products' store, we are an official Durable partner and an authorised on-line Durable reseller dedicated to the supply of Durable computer cleaning products.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

The DURABLE computer cleaning product range contains a comprehensive assortment of environmentally friendly products.

The range has been specially formulated to ensure that products are alcohol free, environmentally neutral, non toxic and non hazardous - so you can care for your workstation whilst protecting the environment!

All bottles and tubs are 100% recyclable and the cleaning wipes are fully biodegradable.

DURABLE air dusters are either CFC or HFC free and all cleaning foams are non flammable and therefore ozone friendly!

DURABLE have teamed up with conservation charity The Marine Connection to raise awareness of its range of cleaning products and their environmental benefits. The charity is committed to the conservation and protection of dolphins, whales and their natural environment.

The objective behind the partnership is to work together to help create a cleaner environment, ensuring our oceans are safer for dolphins and whales. Supporting the use of more environmentally friendly computer cleaning products is just one way of reducing the pollution in our oceans.

Click here to see the video following a day in the life of a pair of hands, witness how cleaning products significantly reduce the germ count!

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