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Welcome to our 'Computer Cleaning Products' store, we are an official Durable partner and an authorised on-line Durable reseller dedicated to the supply of Durable computer cleaning products.

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Screen Cleaners

Safely clean LCD screens and PDA's without smearing. Also ideal for cleaning glass surfaces

Surface Cleaners

Specifically designed for removing dirt & grime from laptops, computer cases, printers, keyboards & computer mice

Air Dusters

Ideal for removing daily build up of dust and dirt from sensitive equipment such as computer keyboards

Cleaning Kits

Ceaning kits from PC and workstation cleaning kits to cleaning packs for SOHO & Office users

Telephone Cleaners

Anti-bacterial telephone cleaners, a hygenic and ideal solution for cleaning mobile phones and headsets

Cleaning Cloths & Buds

A range of cleaning cloths and cotton buds specially designed for use on computers, screens and surfaces

Whiteboard Cleaners

Renovate and clean your whiteboard. Removes grease, dirt and ghosting stains. Alcohol free and environmentally friendly

Specialist Cleaner

Multimedia cleaning products from CD/DVD Lens Clean to Laptop cleaner. Extend the performance and life of office equipment

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